Achilles – take 5

Boat design is brilliant. I’m not talking about beautiful, sleek and fast hulls, efficient rigging, righting properties…as great as this might be when you’re up for a sail. I’m thinking about the interior. Galley, heads, cockpit, navigation station – all designed for perfect functionality and everything within easy reach.

I never would have thought that it could bother me having to get onto my crutches just to negotiate the one step across the narrow aisle between the kitchen sink and the cutlery drawer. But it is a bit of a nuisance having to give up the comfort of leaning with one hip against the cupboard, crutches safely positioned, having two hands free for doing daily tasks in an almost ‘normal’ manner. Serves me right for having forgotten to take a teaspoon across with the teabag in the first place. Of course, I could fish the latter of the brew with my fingertips.

On our boat with its well-designed galley, such issues would not arise and I wished I could get up on deck and into the cabin to live there now.

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