(no) Time to Waste!

The latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 ºC spells it out very clearly: we have no time to waste in our efforts to limit the global average temperature increase to 1.5 ºC above pre-industrial levels. Even if we achieve this, we need to be prepared for wide-ranging changes to ecosystems, biodiversity and pose high risk to human systems supported by ecosystem services (i.e. all of us).

Waiting for the global community to agree on the science, targest, mitigation measures, we’ve collectively wasted too much time already.

So, what can we do as individuals?

Well, each of us can start with questioning our personal addiction to STUFF and our gullability when it comes to marketing arousing our desire for STUFF.

My (no) Time to Waste! series of posts will be a diary of wastefulness: Our calendars are punctuated with celebrations that are essentially about love. Most of them have been hijacked by people who make a lot of money from producing, shipping, selling us STUFF we don’t need to celebrate, and in many cases deflect our attention. And a lot of this STUFF involved is of such poor quality and short-lived of appeal that it rapidly becomes waste, which opens up another can of worms: waste management – or lack thereof….


IPCC website: http://www.ipcc.ch/ [accessed 03/11/2018]

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