Of course, there are many platforms from which one can argue for or against BRexit: economy, solidarity, self-determination, global citizenship, money, peace, environment, to name a few. And of course, some say BRexit was going to restore democracy in Britain.

Well, I’m sure I am not alone with identifying the irony in yesterday’s ‘postponement’ of the ‘meaningful vote’ in parliament by Theresa May: Having realised that the outcome of this ‘meaningful vote’ will not support her BRextit deal, she simply delayed it. Until such time when parliament will support it (…after touring EU countries to tweak some details, which the EU made clear are not tweakable…).

If holding-a-vote-only-when-winning-it-is-certain is now the strategy of New Democracy in Britain, then anything goes.

So, how about holding a second referendum? The reality of leaving the EU portrayed to the people has changed, more detail has emerged, expert advice has been published…so surely a second referendum on staying or leaving the EU is now no less democratic than not allowing parliament to vote on May’s BRexit deal until such time …..


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