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An uplifting start to the day: today’s dawn chorus drifting in through the open window

An uplifting start to my day: today’s dawn chorus drifting in through the open window.

3 Comments on “Outdoor Daily

  1. How lovely. I am often awoken by the dawn chorus – which is sometimes lovely and peaceful like this and other times the crows get in on the act and it’s way more raucous! This morning, it was the cows mooing in the field which is almost adjacent to our bedroom. Not the nice, soft kind of mooing but the almost yelling kind. I am so grateful to be living in this beautiful place, surrounded by nature. I am also grateful for your daily sharing of the beauty that surrounds you.


    • For me, it’s the weird and rough ‘skwak’ of the pheasants that interrupt the beautiful dawn chorus…have a great and relaxing Spring Solstice.

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      • We went for a walk the other evening and heard peacocks calling…


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