Outdoor Daily

Now this is something I’ve got to thank the COVID-19 lockdown for! Today, I biked up onto somewhat higher ground to check whether the sea and Dartmoor are still out there somewhere, and I found this beautiful Early Purple orchid (Orchis mascula).

I’d not been up this narrow country lane for the best part of 6 years, put off by the heavy traffic and pot holes caused by a fleet of over 60 heavy vehicles based on a local farm that diversified into haulage, transport, tipping and ready mix concrete supply. COVID-19 lockdown makes this lane enjoyable once more!

3 Comments on “Outdoor Daily

  1. Loving ‘Outdoor Daily’. I for one am not looking forward to normality, very little traffic on our roads is making a daily walk so much more enjoyable.


    • Up to a point, that’s true for me, too. But the tranquil roads come at a high price of suffering and death. Perhaps we’ll find a different ‘normal’ when this is over, one that is better for everyone and the environment…


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