Outdoor Daily

I love using fresh herbs in cooking and  the height of summer is the best time to add flavour and colour to your food.

Borretch flowers and chives decorate and add bite to leafy salads.

Thyme complements courgette lightly sauteed in olive oil and garlic.

Winter savoury is essential to spice up green beans (if you are German).

Fresh mint, lemon balm and lemon verbena combine for a heavenly tisane.

Parsley? Anytime, anywhere!

Dill or terragon with delicate fish dishes, in addition to a little lemon.

A whole combination of them to make salsa verde, pesto or Gruene Sosse.

Sorrel for a hint of citrus….

…the list goes on, and doesn’t stop here: I just say Mojito (which could count for one of your ‘five a day’ 😂).

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