Wildlife has arrived!

A few weeks ago, my new wildlife pond was freshly dug, lined and filled.

Now, we happily marvel at the plethora of invertebrates, birds and bats who simply ‘arrived’.

I’ve identified at least four different species of dragon and damsel flies, several of which I have seen mate and lay eggs on the emerging stems of the, as yet, very small plants. There are several types of water beetle, midges and thousands of flies (what do they do when there is no pond?), water boatmen and, of course, larvae of most of the aforementioned!

At dusk, bats are circling the pond and by day, swallows are attracted by the many insects buzzing around. Birds drink and bathe in the shallows.

Although the water is green with algae and has not found its natural balance, it is a delight to stand and be mesmerised by the life that suddenly appears, seemingly from nowhere.

My hope is for newts, frogs, toads and grass snakes next spring!

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