Darwin200 day 13: Lewis

We sailed through the night.

An early morning arrival in Stornoway kept us busy with sail handing and stowing between 02:00 and 05:00, after which all of us were happy to get into our bunks for a couple of hours before breakfast.

The blustery day seems just right to explore the ancient history and nature of Lewis.

Lewisian gneiss, a metamorphic rock, is some 3 billion years old, and as such the oldest rock in the British Isles. More information here.https://www.virtualheb.co.uk/lewisian-gneiss-rocks-of-the-isle-of-lewis-and-harris-western-isles-geology/https://www.virtualheb.co.uk/lewisian-gneiss-rocks-of-the-isle-of-lewis-and-harris-western-isles-geology/

Calanish standing stones are excellent examples of Lewisian gneiss

A 30 minute ride with the local bus service and we’re at At Calanais, a spectacular arrangement of standing stones from 3500 BC.

A walk along the shore of the loch and we find others, as well as wonderful views over hills and water.

Next stop Carloway, from where we walked along the coast to the beautiful beach at Dail Mor.

Every turn a different perspective, one view appearing ‘better’ than the previous one.

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