Darwin200 day 14: Stories emerge

Our scientific observations and experiments are contributing to a puzzle from which stories emerge…

Soon, we will be able to provide a snapshot of water quality data at locations around Britain.

We are compiling a list of bird species seen during our voyage and obtain a count of marine mammals sightings.

Plankton net analyses provides data on groups of plankton and microplastics found suspend in the water column.

Many questions have already arisen:

How will all the plastic reflect our age in the geological record?

Fibres settled out of the air in the mess of Pelican during our voyage.

What can we learn from shedding of microfibers about our next purchase of outdoor clothing?

What processes impact on phytoplankton growth in estuaries?

Actually, what exactly is pollution?

These are just some of the stories championed by our young scientists on board, and we look forward to seeing each of them report to you before the voyage is completed.

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