Darwin 200 day 15: education and hard tack!

Some (seals) are lazily digesting their food …

… while we going live with ‘education by the seats of our pants’ to hundreds of schools around the world with the stories of sailing and science aboard the Pelican of London.

Manx sheer water, sunfish, history and culture of Lewis, water sampling, and of course the Darwin 200 project featured in a 30 minute session.

Kids asked inspired questions, including ‘why did you become a scientist?’

Then we started the hard tack competition. Hard tack is a biscuit made with flour, salt and water and baked so hard that it lasts for years, give the odd weevil or two.

Some of our designs are not entirely traditional…

Hard tack used to be part of sailor’s rations, along with rhum and salt pork, on voyages that lasted months and years.

Oh, how I would miss my greens!

My hard tack came out of the oven in tact and represent the Pelican of London sailing under the Harvest Moon.

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