Darwin200 day 16: off to Skye or not?

It’s a sunny morning on Lewis and we are preparing for departure.

That means cleaning of heads and showers, happy hour, including brassoing (is that a word?) the brass.

Penelope and Jamie polishing the brass of our compass

Then Patrick Harper captured our ‘pet seal’ on video.

We also had a briefing on VHF DSC use and handling emergency situations by our first mate Tamsin.

Tamsin capturing the attention with humour :)

Shaolin used the rest of the morning alongside to scan the airborne particle collection pots for microfibers coming off our fleeces and other synthetic clothing.

The five passive samplers with an aperture of 50 mm have been in position in the mess for two weeks and the first milliliter of solution analysed had a count of 85!

Fibres deposited from the air into our samplers.

Perhaps it is time to reconsider what we wear? Check my posts on sustainable outdoor clothing.

A delayed spare part for the engine delays our departure until tomorrow morning.

Instead, some of us climbed to the top of the mast to check out what’s up there…and of course that remains a secret kept from all until they climb themselves.

Among rare rays of sunshine and driving rain, the view was great and it really appears to be high up, as you cling on to very narrow ratlins.

To top it all, a seal appeared and I could watch it swim and surface, bottle and dive.

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