Darwin200 day 22: through Scottish energy resources – oil, gas and wind!

The bright lights of oil and gas fields illuminated the horizon during the night’s sail, which was powered by the wind. Pelican’s headsails, spanker and three square sails were set to ensure optimal use of light winds.

On board, maintenance of ropes and rigging is not only essential to keep Pelican sailing, it is also an opportunity for skills development.

The young people aboard have been engaged with the ship’s training programme and ate getting quizzed by the permanent crew on diverse topics, including safety equipment and procedures, knowledge of sails and how to set them, navigation and buoyage, helming and galley hygiene…and get their log books signed off bit by bit.

The opportunities for personal development aboard go way beyond this formal learning and training.

The tough regime of keeping watch on a 24 hour rota require dedication to the team effort, discipline and responsibility. At times, leadership. Safety on board rely on situation awareness of everyone especially during sail handling, mooring operations and maneuver in confined spaces.

For many of the young people aboard, this is a new experience and each job done well has the potential to build confidence. Interacting in teams and shared accommodation, doing chores cleaning heads and showers, helping in the galley and scrubbing the decks  leads to insights and reflections that enhances self-awarenes.

Questions arise and don’t look for immediate answers.

Some keep it to themselves for now, some share it with shipmates and talk it through. It’s a privilege to be part of this.

This voyage touches everyone and its effects will ripple through our lives…

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