Darwin200 day 24: science conference aboard Pelican!

This morning the science conference brings together all the projects we’ve been running aboard the Pelican of London.

First off – wind energy with Lorimer and Jasper, here explaining plans for a new wind farm in the Thames estuary.

Find out more about our wind energy activities here https://darwin200.com/understanding-sustainable-energy/

Kerry and Aoibhinn present data of macroplastics collected during systematic beach cleans that will also be reported to the Marine Conservation Society.
Abigail, final year Environmental Science student at the University of Plymouth, talks us through nutrient concentrations around the British coast and relates it to the objectives of Water Framework Directive for coastal and transitional waters.
Thomas introduces the world of plankton with data from Scottish and Irish waters and wonderful images and film taken with digital microscopes.

Find out more about plankton on our voyage there: https://darwin200.com/systematic-plankton-studies/

Joe collated all 110 individual sightings of whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and sunfish on a database that he visualised on Google maps. The data will be sent to the Seawatch Foundation for further analysis.
Shaolin presented extensive background information about microplastics in the oceans, from sources to impacts. Amazing numbers of these particles and fibers were detected by microscope in dust collected in the mess, the washing machine, deck scrubbings, sea water and sediment.
Molly compared traditional and modern ways of measuring temperature at sea.
The impact of microplastics on the geological record during the Anthropocene is explained with exhibits by Imogen and Penelope. An excellent food for thought with respect to making choices about our personal choices and behaviour, as well as what we want to achieve in life.

Tomorrow, we’ll be filming each projects in more detail.

Featured image: Copyright Dr Rohan Holt. Diver: Kelly Mackay

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