Darwin200 – the big Pelican egg drop!!!

The challenge: free fall drop of an egg from the main mast while maintaining its integrity.

Plenty of different designs disguising the padding techniques, and of course, we won’t reveal what works and what doesn’t – that would give the game away.

Mizzen Watch: Eggbert – apparently, he’s been on the ship all along?!?!

Darwin 200 Team: Stew presenting Eggward the chicken in a dry bag.
The Bosun’s department: Connor presents with no frills and in no time!
The entrants have arrived at the first platform of the main mast.
The Mate Tamsin measures the distance with precision.
Some entries look better after the event than before…

Judged on design, presentation with egg references, team work, distance hurled and egg integrity after the drop, Fore Watch won!

Sadly the moment of glory was short lived…why eggsactly will remain a secret until you eggsperience the Pelican’s Big Egg Drop yourself!

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