Darwin200 day 26: leaving Montrose for Bass Rock

A couple of days in Montrose without shore leave (except for the excitement of the bin run) are enough and this morning we’re leaving harbour, with a pilot on board, into a glorious sunrise.

The flat calm sea provides ideal conditions for a compass check and we’re circling a few times showing the sunrise alternately to the port and starboard lookout.

Salty skills development is ongoing with chart work this morning.

Alexis, Lauren and Kerry finding their way around charts

We are heading for the Firth of Forth and are looking forward to spending the day tomorrow on Bass Rock, the most important gannet colony of the British Isles.

Our first impression of Bass Rock is a whitish shape in front of the mainland. An early indication of its occupants is the pungent smell of the guano that becomes more and more overpowering as we get closer.

Then we hear them and excitement about encountering them even more closely tomorrow spreads through the ship.

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