Darwin200 UK day 27: gannets rule!

Today was special, even more so than other days during the Darwin 200 voyage on the Tall Ship Pelican of London.

We visited Bass Rock!

With 75000 pairs of breeding gannets, plus young birds and chicks, Bass Rock is the largest northern gannet breeding colony.

Gannets grow incredibly fast but don’t develop their full adult colouring until they are around five years old and ready to breed.

Adult with chick that is loosing it’s first fluffy plumage.

Chicks and young birds with different stages of dark plumage occupy Bass Rock.

Adults with beautiful facial markings and this year’s chicks nearly fat enough to enter the water.

The number and proximity, the cacophony of sound and pungent smell of guano!

A unique experience of the wonders of nature.

Gannets rule!

Learn more about gannets at the Scottish Seabird Center

Today was sadly the day I left Pelican for life on land again. Duties at the University of Plymouth are calling…

It’s been a fantastic voyage around Britain’s North, on the Pelican, now quite familiar, and with its crew, who I have grown very fond of.

Leaving Pelican behind in the ship’s RIB…

Thank you!

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