Final dice…

Four and a half years after the referendum on Britain’s EU membership resulted in the drive to leave the EU, it is rather telling that the last days of negotiations around a deal with the EU  are labelled ‘final throwing of dice” in this country.

Four and a half years of wasting chances and low probability for success have gone because the intentions of main players were never aligned.

It is sad and frustrating in equal measure that it has come to this.

If we learn something from the year 2020, it should include this: when we focus on what we all have in common, instead on what sets us apart, we can achieve a lot.

What hope for cooperation borne out of empathy and solidarity is there for the even bigger challenges ahead?

I’m thinking of climate change, sustainable development, poverty, inequality, to name a few.

Perhaps we need to start at an individual scale, as hoping for the system that breaks, us to fix us, is futile.

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