Outdoor Daily III

In times of monumental change and all the questions that uncertainty provokes, it can be refreshingly calming to let the mind settle on the steady rhythm of nature.

It’s the time of the year when moles become visibly active, perhaps running out of their stashes of live earthworms or getting ready to mate.

You may find their mounds a nuisance on your lawn, but I find comfort in the fact that nature is doing its thing, unaffected by the pandemic or Brexit or how the cancellation of school exams will affect young people’s life chances…

Moles will have their own threats: perhaps a predator, a cold spell curtailing food supplies, the ploughing of a field…but seasons change and with that, cycles of life are renewed.

And this brings me to another benefit of contemplated the resilience of nature’s rhythm: there is hope and positive change, too, if you choose to notice.

The election of Raphael Warnock to the US Senate for Georgia would be one of them. Fingers crossed.

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