Outdoor Daily III

One of the few benefits of working part-time from home during lockdown is the ability to arrange my working hours around the weather and tide.

Within reason, of course.

So today, just before 9 am, I carried my paddle board down to the board walk of my neighbours for an hour or so on the water.

Tranquil and beautiful, some sunshine and a shower, lapwings and snipes, good exercise and fresh air…

…a perfect ‘getting away from it all’ for the mind during a global pandemic when for most of us, our favourite distractions are unattainable.

My home being my office now, a true break from work necessarily also means to break the association with the space I work in.

So, I feel it increasingly beneficial to make time during the day to leave the building behind for a while, let thoughts about work fall away, to return to it refreshed and energised and grateful for the opportunity.

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