Outdoor Daily III

Sometimes my daily walk in nature is spoilt by my mind not letting go.

Thoughts are occupying it like wire wool: persistent and abrasive.

It happens when I allow (perceived) urgency to take precedence over importance.

What I mean is this:

My walk in nature is important for my wellbeing, it is a time to relax, exercise and fill my lungs with fresh air, have fun games with my dog, see, smell, hear, feel and simply be, here and now.

When I allow the wire wool to tumble around in my mind, I have lost what’s important in this moment. Instead, I am caught up in work(overload) or a futile frustration about something I can’t change anyway

… you know the sort of thing that keeps you awake at 3 am sometime …

Today was such a day. Something so apparently urgent spun around in my head that I wasted most of my precious time outside. Blind to my surroundings, unaware of myself.

Until a flash of colour caught my eye: a fungi reaching out to me from among the dead leaves.

It brought me right back and with a smile on my face I remembered what was important in that moment.

Reflecting on this, the ‘urgency versus importance’ conflict may be a useful consideration in other contexts, too.

Could the simple question whether something is important, urgent or both, provide clarity for decision making in work, play and relationships?

(…and whose urgency is it anyway?)

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