‘Spitting Image’

I’ve been living in England for some 28 years and mostly it’s been a positive experience.

I even have a soft spot for the country and its people, some of the landscape is fabulous and I just love being near, in and on the sea.

So, I’d like to think that I could support the English side in the forthcoming European Championship final.

One significant positive about the English side winning would be that, finally, the English could start living in the present, rather than wallowing in past glories (1966 is a number that seems tattooed into the psyche of many, and that’s a right laugh in the rest of Europe).

Alas, apart from the fact that I don’t care much about watching any sport (I’d rather be active myself), I can’t bring myself to well-wish the English crowd of football fans, a mob that drowns out the national anthem of any visiting team with booing, and abuse and spit at their supporters.

Sorry, England Team, your fans deserve as much of my support as they show respect for your opponents.

And, England fans: it’s only a game, not a war!…Your ugly behaviour perpetuates an equally ugly self-image, as well as antagonism towards the ‘other’ down the generations.

One Comment on “‘Spitting Image’

  1. I couldn’t agree more! We will not be watching any part of the match. In fact, we will be taking ourselves off to the beach to eat our dinner – come rain or shine!


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