There is a discussion out there whether some billionaire or other can call themselves an astronaut after getting to the edge of space (or a smidgen beyond) in their own craft.

The world is burning.

The world is flooding.

People are dying because of the impacts of a change in climate that is a direct result of our burning of fossil fuels for the last 200 years.

For me, the debate about space tourism should be about sustainability.

Not about labels.

For me, the question is about the balance between self-gratification and the common good.

Not about gaining wings.

For me, blasting into space to then exclaim your love of the planet is a little off the mark – don’t these people think?

Okay, none of us are perfect: we drive cars and go on holidays, we eat meat and imported fruit out of season, we use single-use plastic and internet server time…we buy stuff we want, not need…

So, this question is important: where do we, as individuals, draw the line between pleasure and sustainability?

One Comment on “Neo-Astronauts

  1. You make some very fair points. Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should…


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