Family Fun!

I’ve lived in the UK for 28 years and today I passed through a popular holiday town in coastal Devon.

I had heard of amusement arcades and all-year fairgrounds and the nostalgia that leads one generation to take the next one along.

What I hadn’t realised is the totally unreformed indulgence in the plastic-fantastic world of tackiness that is promoted as ‘good fun for all the family’.

Plastic fantastic in front of an amusement arcade.

The next generation will not thank profiteering entrepreneurs for wasting precious resources on producing and shipping half way around the world worthless plastic toys for 5 minutes of amusement, while the world is burning and flooding with the effect of man-made climate change.

The irony of it: a ride in the shape of a recycling van next to the offerings of plastic toys that aren’t recyclable…

When are we going to learn that some things are not justifiable anymore?

(And don’t get me started on the massive impact of the growth in SUV numbers, most of which never go off road and into the mud or on the ice.)

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