Carbon Neutral before 2030

This week’s top priority is climate change, carbon footprint reduction, sustainability, mitigation…

…and for me, it should be my own climate target!

A few days ago I wrote about ‘My Forest‘ – trees I finance with Tree Sisters to offset my life’s carbon footprint. I just realised that by 2030, I’ve only just made it…

To mark the start of the COP26 in Glasgow today, I decided to hasten my steps a little: I’ve donated as much as I normally commit in a year in one day to bring forward my Carbon Neutral Year to 2027.

…and my dad is donating solar panels for the roof of a local school in his area :)…

…and I’m sure many of us do what they can this week in so many different ways…

I doubt that any of the leading delegates of COP26 will be aware of my blog, or for that matter, remotely interested in small stuff like this. However, together, lots of small actions make an impact.

Let’s get on with it!

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