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I treasure the stillness and stark silhouettes of (slightly) drizzly autumn walks that offer the odd glint of sunrays and opening of blue sky.

Nature is full of beauty and wonder, and autumn is change – dormancy as well as emerging signs of life beneath the surface.

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I’ve travelled to Germany to see family for the first time in a year. Being an amber country in the UK’s covid-19 perception, I went into quarantine at my parents’ for 14 days.

Today quarantine is over and I woke before dawn, and by the time the birds woke up, I had walked out into the nearby forest and enjoyed the freedom to roam once more.

Here, I’m sharing a minute of dawn chorus with you, recorded about a mile from the new geographic centre of the EU.

Hope you enjoyed it, too.

The Antarctic Quest 21 expedition team are hugely excited to announce that we have smashed through the 25% threshold for our crowdfunded campaign to enable our expedition to go ahead and to help allow us to deliver our educational outreach and legacy programmes.

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Ever since I became aware of the incredible intelligence and social behaviour of octopus, I just can’t bring myself to eating cephalopods anymore.

I mean, nine brains!

This new study just highlights an incredible similarly between the way mammals and cephalopods sleep and dream…

Featured image: “Key West Octopus” by Joe Parks is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Lovely signs is spring wherever I look!

Almost like a watercolour painting.

Only better: it’s real.

A little farther than strictly local, I stretched my range a little beyond 7 miles to enjoy a good walk along the Cornish coast.

Blackthorn like a bridal wreath

Beautiful, uplifting, entertaining and even more so because I enjoyed this scene with a friend and our dogs.

The blackthorn is starting to blossom in sheltered spots.

Soon, the delicate detail of individual flowers will be masked by the snowstorm-like appearance of white bloom along hedges and motorways.

Tiny droplets of mist settled on this daisy.

Pretty in the mizzle.

The violets are out today,

perhaps to greet all who nurture (it is mother’s day in the UK),

perhaps to delight those who stop and notice,

and certainly to just be.

First I hear the cry of the crow.

It draws my eyes to the acrobatics of a young buzzard evading the crow’s attacks with graceful ease.

The spring sun lights up its wing feathers – creating an almost ghostly appearance against the blue.

I watch in awe until they part and fly their separate ways.

All I have for you is a picture of the sky – the rest I leave to your imagination.

Sometimes it is simply necessary to have a big horizon.

Even, or more accurately, especially during lockdown.

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