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I’m fascinated by lichens, so many shapes and colours, hanging on to so many substrates, present in most climate zones and habitats.

Most amazingly (today, for me), they are living the perfect team: different talents efficiently utilised for a common goal.

There is so much to learn from nature!

(sorry, this is a rather anthropocentric interpretation)

If you are interested in learning more about the real nature of lichen, here is a good link:

The British Lichen Society.

What’s the colour of tree bark?


The same as the colour of rock: lichen and moss.




Encrusting and branching lichens on granite on the Cornish coast. Photo C Braungardt 2009

If epiphytes were people, we would call them clever strategists. I guess this holds true for any organism that manages to occupy a hostile corner, but I am fascinated by life forms that grow on toxic substrates. In this context, epiphytes (or air plants) are the pioneers that prepare the terrain for the arrival of other organisms.
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