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As we are preparing for the 2021 Darwin200 voyage with a whole new set of Citizen Science Projects for young people to engage with, the videos of our science projects piloted during the voyage in summer 2020 are being published.

Watch Joe Ellison summarising our large fish and cetacean project, which contributes to the database of the Sea Watch Foundation:

Explore the underwater world of Britain’s coasts with Dr Rohan Holt and Kerry MacKay:

Consider what you can do to reduce microplastic pollution after Shaolin Casey provides you with food for thought:

Discover how Charles Darwin undertook sea surface temperature measurements on his voyage around the world and how modern techniques compare, explained by Molly Brennan:

How much litter is found on remote beaches on our coasts? Find out from Aoibhinn Lynch and Kerry MacKay:

…and watch out for another five videos to be released soon…

Featured Image: Dr Rohan Holt

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