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Darwin200 day 12: fair winds

My day started at 06:00 with a profile of the water column to check salinity, oxygen saturation, temperature and pH. After breakfast we commenced to be busy with Happy Hour, which means daily cleaning chores around the ship…. Read More

Outdoor Daily

It is an extraordinary year for fruit. After four weeks of feasting on wild cherries, our apricot harvest promises to be great, too! Abundance, gratitude and sharing!


You’ll find lots of recipes for Rumtopf on the internet and I’m not quite sure why I am adding another one, other than to ‘spread the love’. Rumtopf is just another way of bottling the abundance of summer… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Today’s walk in the Tamar Valley brought so many delights, it’s difficult to choose just one to write about. Post-Midsummer announced itself with an abundance of hazelnuts cradled in their sheaths, ready to ripen later. New wild flowers… Read More