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Antarctic Quest 21 Funding

The Antarctic Quest 21 expedition team are hugely excited to announce that we have smashed through the 25% threshold for our crowdfunded campaign to enable our expedition to go ahead and to help allow us to deliver our… Read More

Launch Event for Antarctic Quest 21

I’ve been blogging for a while about the Antarctic Quest 21 expedition that will take a team of eight onto the Forbidden Plateau on the central spine of the Antarctic Peninsula to install scientific equipment and down to… Read More

Antarctic Peninsula Expedition

See and hear what it takes to get scientific data from the heart of the Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctic Quest 21 team and patrons have published their first story video, and as I guess that Forces Net is not… Read More

UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

I am excited to highlight the special edition of ECO Magazine that celebrates the start of the UN Ocean Decade. My article “What is your next step against climate change“ tells the story of Antarctic Quest 21, an… Read More