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No-waste Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread is really easy to make and, contrary to a lot of recipes on the internet, does NOT have to mean that you are wasting resources by throwing away half your starter each time you feed it…. Read More

Fior di Mandorla

‘Almond blossom’ cookies belong to the collection of great European pastries (Lebkuchen and Tarta de Santiago are among my favourites, too) that are gluten free and utterly delicious. Based on almonds, they have Arab background, making them even… Read More


Stollen can be tricky. It can turn out too heavy, too dry, not spicy enough, outright boring. Commercially baked ones often override the latter by adding lots and lots of sugar, but that doesn’t do it for me…. Read More


The German city of Nürnberg (or Nuremberg) is famous for all sorts of reasons, not all of them as benign as its Bratwurst (tiny grilled sausages served in a bun) and Christmas market. However, in my humble opinion,… Read More