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Stillness and Silhouettes

I treasure the stillness and stark silhouettes of (slightly) drizzly autumn walks that offer the odd glint of sunrays and opening of blue sky.

Autumn Walk

Nature is full of beauty and wonder, and autumn is change – dormancy as well as emerging signs of life beneath the surface.

Outdoor Daily III

You guessed it: still (very) damp out here. I’m still looking for the beauty in small things… …and wonder how a spider catches dinner in a net decorated with a thousand droplets?

Outdoor Daily III

Last day of January and heavy rain. I’m walking my dog. What is there to enjoy? First, I’m moving, breathing, my senses function. Second, there is beauty in detail: texture, colour, form. Just look!

Outdoor Daily II

A new dawn (perhaps in more than just the literal sense). I begin the second nation-wide COVID-19 lockdown with an early morning paddle on the Tamar estuary. It’s beautiful. Thick mist is drifting down the valley, I hear… Read More

Darwin200 day 13: Lewis

We sailed through the night. An early morning arrival in Stornoway kept us busy with sail handing and stowing between 02:00 and 05:00, after which all of us were happy to get into our bunks for a couple… Read More

Darwin200 day 10: Kerrara to Lochaline

A hike across the island of Kerrara this morning led us to beautiful beaches. A systematic plastic survey for the Marine Conservation Society was led by Kerry and, sadly, turned up hundreds of individual items of litter. At… Read More

Close-up of flowers of the Wood Woundwort, Stachys Sylvatica.

Oudoor Daily

You may wonder where I encountered this beautiful flower. Kew Gardens? Some place in the subtropics? Neither are accessible to me for the moment, and I’ve not ventured out of the lanes near my house today, let alone… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Appreciation for dock weed? Seriously? But isn’t it pretty close up?