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Outdoor Daily III

Today, I walked past the field in the Tamar valley – a route I have taken many times. Today a sight deeply disturbed me: a stand of mature trees in the middle of the field had been reduced… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

One of the few benefits of working part-time from home during lockdown is the ability to arrange my working hours around the weather and tide. Within reason, of course. So today, just before 9 am, I carried my… Read More

Biodiversity in small water bodies

It is good to see that the public is reminded of the importance of small freshwater bodies for biodiversity by the Helen Briggs at the BBC: Having created a wildlife pond in my own garden this summer, I… Read More

Wildlife has arrived!

A few weeks ago, my new wildlife pond was freshly dug, lined and filled. Now, we happily marvel at the plethora of invertebrates, birds and bats who simply ‘arrived’. I’ve identified at least four different species of dragon… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Intrigued by the beautiful pattern of these feathers, I consulted a field guide* and found the most likely former owner in the families of falcons or woodpeckers. In the former case, the underside of a peregrine would be… Read More

Water for Wildlife

We are in COVID-19 lockdown since 25 March 2020. We’ve got reason not to travel far and we’ve got time at our hands. So, what positive can we create? Well, some years ago, the field next to us… Read More