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Fruit-Meringue-Almond Tart

There is no English name for this recipe, which is a variation on my mum’s Johannisbeertorte, which means ‘redcurrent tart’. But it’s more than that, and it is really easy! You can use any sour summer fruit for… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Foraging (be)for(e) breakfast! For a couple of weeks I’ve been eating handfuls of bird cherries during my dog’s early morning ramble. This morning I ‘rescued’ a large bowl full from the rot, inevitably brought on by days of… Read More

Eiweiβkuchen – Egg White Cake

I often have egg whites left (my creme anglais is very popular) and this cake gets rid of 5 or 6 in one go. The other satisfying thing about this cake is its versatility: I throw in just… Read More


Stollen can be tricky. It can turn out too heavy, too dry, not spicy enough, outright boring. Commercially baked ones often override the latter by adding lots and lots of sugar, but that doesn’t do it for me…. Read More