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What’s going on with the Seasons?

I’m just starting to get my head around the fact that the winter solstice is all of 16 days away and today was prompted to remember that I spotted mating toads in my pond in early November.

Costa Rican Monica Araya delivers a TED lecture on her country's path to a sustainable future in 2016.

…as important now as in 2016…

Among the winners of the first Earthshot Prize on 17 Oct 2021 is Costa Rica, and as I find out more about the back story, it turns out that this small island nation has been on its way… Read More

Autumn Walk

Nature is full of beauty and wonder, and autumn is change – dormancy as well as emerging signs of life beneath the surface.


Challenging Habitat is changing…my blog will become just one of a range of activities I’m sharing online, and this will soon be reflected in an additional website.

Outdoor Daily III

Bright city lights! I’ve had to go to my workplace today, first time in Plymouth for two months or more. My laptop ‘missed’ its docking station and ‘requested’ an update not available via the VPN. It was almost… Read More

Outdoor Daily

A tranquil morning paddle is a perfect start to my day. All is quiet, a heron changes perch from Cornwall to the Devon bank of the Tamar. Fish disturb the surface and their ripples on the water mingle… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Transformation: giving up petals producing fruit growing and maturing and a different kind of beauty emerges.

Outdoor Daily

Now. Different from yesterday and changed tomorrow. Alive. Learning. Developing.