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Elephant in the studio

Just after the 8am news on BBC Radio Four, an elephant entered the studio of the Today programme. During the interview with the education secretary, it remained there, unmentioned. The interview was about adjusting school exam practice and… Read More

Darwin200 Episode 18: Wind turbine project

The young scientists design, create and test their own mini-wind turbines to discover which blade shapes and sizes generate the highest voltage output! Five teams of young scientists created very varied designs using nothing more than craft items… Read More

Darwin200 Episode23: A bit of fun!

Now for something slightly different: The Pelican of London’s very own tradition – the Great Egg Challenge!

Darwin200 – the big Pelican egg drop!!!

The challenge: free fall drop of an egg from the main mast while maintaining its integrity. Plenty of different designs disguising the padding techniques, and of course, we won’t reveal what works and what doesn’t – that would… Read More

Darwin 200 day 15: education and hard tack!

Some (seals) are lazily digesting their food … … while we going live with ‘education by the seats of our pants’ to hundreds of schools around the world with the stories of sailing and science aboard the Pelican… Read More

Darwin200 day 10: Kerrara to Lochaline

A hike across the island of Kerrara this morning led us to beautiful beaches. A systematic plastic survey for the Marine Conservation Society was led by Kerry and, sadly, turned up hundreds of individual items of litter. At… Read More