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Rewilding Britain

You could be forgiven to think that rewilding is all about providing habitat and reintroducing species long lost… Sometimes nature conservation and rewilding can be about removing something. Think about the ‘classics’ of ill-fated, intentional or otherwise, introductions… Read More

Live lecture with Sarah Darwin

Charles Darwin’s great great granddaughter Sarah Darwin has broadcast live from the Darwin200 ship Pelican of London. Watch it here: Featured Image: “Beagle: Sarah Darwin” by is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Darwin200 UK day 27: gannets rule!

Today was special, even more so than other days during the Darwin 200 voyage on the Tall Ship Pelican of London. We visited Bass Rock! With 75000 pairs of breeding gannets, plus young birds and chicks, Bass Rock… Read More

Darwin200 UK

A few days ago I shared my excitement about my involvement with the organisation Darwin 200 and the UK launch of its Ocean Science and Conservation programme [LINK]. The tall ship Pelican of London has safely arrived at… Read More

Outdoor Daily

The sea! Whether we swim, paddle, snorkel, sail, dive… we’re only scratching the surface of the biggest ecosystem on the planet. And yet – it adds so much to our lives! I wouldn’t want to be without it…. Read More