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Outdoor Daily III

Almost like a watercolour painting. Only better: it’s real. A little farther than strictly local, I stretched my range a little beyond 7 miles to enjoy a good walk along the Cornish coast. Beautiful, uplifting, entertaining and even… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

I liked what was here: a hand-crafted ring embedded in the granite block where a hole remains. It reminded of a quarry and mining industry long gone, a part of this landscape’s and people’s heritage. I hope who… Read More

What’s wrong with this?

Cornwall has moved into Covid-19 Tier 3 today, 31 December 2020, and as a result, we’ve cancelled our plans for New Year’s Eve celebrations at short notice. Instead, we made good use of the sunny weather and headed… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

The Cornish hedges NW of Kit Hill are not trimmed yet and bare branches catch the rays of the sun, already low in the sky at 3 pm. Almost like hoarfrost.