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Dawn Chorus

I’ve travelled to Germany to see family for the first time in a year. Being an amber country in the UK’s covid-19 perception, I went into quarantine at my parents’ for 14 days. Today quarantine is over and… Read More


Today Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in England eased a little, with ‘non-essential’ shops opening, along with outdoor catering, hair salons and zoos…. I didn’t go shopping. In fact, not being able to go shopping for so many months showed… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

One year of lockdown in England. I feel grateful for my health and that of my family, however far away. I feel grateful for the beauty of nature around me. I feel grateful for all the amazing things… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

Full circle. Buds are breaking and soon, apples and cherries will be in blossom again. We will have been in various forms of lockdown for a year. Hope for experiencing living in a community again, seeing friends and… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

Fog in the valley presents nature in the somber mood befitting reflections on the human capacity for good and evil, ignorance and ingenuity, suffering and resilience on Holocaust Memorial Day and the day after the official covid-19 death… Read More

"Yoyo" by XuliánConX is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Hope Yoyo

Have you ever been in a situation where your hopes were dashed repeatedly, only to be built up again and dashed again…in a seemingly endless cycle? Perhaps a friend or partner made a promise never to be kept,… Read More

What’s wrong with this?

Cornwall has moved into Covid-19 Tier 3 today, 31 December 2020, and as a result, we’ve cancelled our plans for New Year’s Eve celebrations at short notice. Instead, we made good use of the sunny weather and headed… Read More

Elephant in the studio

Just after the 8am news on BBC Radio Four, an elephant entered the studio of the Today programme. During the interview with the education secretary, it remained there, unmentioned. The interview was about adjusting school exam practice and… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

As the second covid-19 lockdown in the UK draws to a close, I won’t be alone in, once more, evaluating the important things in life. For me it’s having positive, loving and healthy relationships. With nature: being outdoors,… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

Today’s walk is different: I’m grabbing a little ‘fresh’ air between online lectures in Plymouth city centre. Without my dog :( My internet in rural Cornwall is so poor that I can’t rely on its stability for the… Read More

Liverpool at night

Among young people and sailors alike, Liverpool has quite a reputation for its nightlife. Being locked down on the Pelican of London, we experience the night watch as eerily quiet… …an odd rat running across the quay… …the… Read More

What’s in a Word?

It’s not the first time during the past few months that the language politicians use in relation to the covid-19 pandemic leaves me somewhere between incredulity and hilarity. If it wasn’t so serious, a lot of the latter…. Read More