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Dartmoor in Winter

Snow on Dartmoor in the sunshine is a rare treat, and particularly appreciated on the first day of the new year. Simply beautiful!

Dartmoor in winter

On this sunny and showery December morning, Dartmoor presents itself in dramatic light. Tucked up in my waterproof clothing, I enjoy the expansive vistas from the top of tors as much as the differences in small details: lichen… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

Kit Hill is a small outcrop of granite between Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor and wonderfully atmospheric in the mist. Small but perfectly formed, it provides a variety of habitats, including heath and stands of scrubby oak, a quarry… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Dartmoor at its best: bright sunshine, clear light of that special quality, a gentle warm wind… Perfect for a good hike with a friend!

Outdoor Daily

The expansive views of Dartmoor at the headwaters of the Tavy. Beautiful at the largest scale. And intriguing at the smallest scale: What is he doing in there?* *lyrics of a song by Tom Waits

Outdoor Daily

Back on Dartmoor! The expanse of valleys and tors, a distant glimmer of the sea. What a treat! An ancient stand of oak amidst boulders, moss and lichen. The call of a cockoo. Swathes, no, ‘fields’ of cotton… Read More

Outdoor Daily

During 8 weeks of UK lockdown, I’ve been keeping to the rules and walked the local area. Rules changed last week and today, with my friend Liz, I walked on Dartmoor. The big open space, the expansive views… Read More