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Darwin200 day 6: plankton under the microscope

We’ve been riding out gale Francis in the shelter of the Firth of Clyde and filled the morning with a microscope session comparing plankton net samples (53 um) from the estuary of the Mersey and Canning Dock in… Read More

Darwin200 Ocean Science sets sail out of Sutton Harbour

As we are passing Devil’s Point on our own boat Little Charly this morning, we see the Pelican of London winding its way out of Plymouth Sound. Light winds mean little chance for much sailing, but there is… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Let’s say this is a grasshopper, which species I wouldn’t know. I heard and then saw it, and numerous more, in the flower meadows of a local nature reserve. This area used to be a farm and now… Read More

Outdoor Daily

The perfect place for a lizard to soak up sunshine! I’m very happy to see this creature in our garden, hopefully where there is one, there are many more hidden from view. And this individual is also a… Read More

Outdoor Daily

I’m walking along a hillside woodland that I’ve been along a dozen of times during our first month of lockdown. And as the glorious weather appears to bring an early Summer, these bright little stars light up the shaded… Read More