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Outdoor Daily III

Sometimes, even I have to admit that it is a little bit unpleasant outdoors. Like today. I walked out with heavy rain and wind on my back and returned walking into it. A couple of miles and even… Read More

Darwin200 day 12: fair winds

My day started at 06:00 with a profile of the water column to check salinity, oxygen saturation, temperature and pH. After breakfast we commenced to be busy with Happy Hour, which means daily cleaning chores around the ship…. Read More

Outdoor Daily

Happy fetching a stick out of a cool stream. So simple. Just living the moment. Lockdown has forced (most of) us to simplify our lives. Bare essentials. For some, less than that. Is there, among all the pain,… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Life can be full of little pleasures when we live in the moment. For that reason, my dog T’isker appears to be the ideal role model: he is playful and a ‘little stick’ provides hours of entertainment he… Read More