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What do they feed on under 900 m ice and 500 water?

Surprising that there is life at all…check out the amazing story of sponges, tube worms, stalked barnacles and other sessile creatures on a rock 500 m beneath the base of a 900 m thick ice shelf and 260… Read More

Darwin200 day 6: plankton under the microscope

We’ve been riding out gale Francis in the shelter of the Firth of Clyde and filled the morning with a microscope session comparing plankton net samples (53 um) from the estuary of the Mersey and Canning Dock in… Read More

Darwin200 day 5: Welcome to Scotland!

We arrived in Scotland after a cracking sail under a starry sky to a beautiful sunrise. And just after anchoring off Stranraer, a grey seal surfaced next to the Pelican to be admired by all. A little science… Read More

Outdoor Daily

What beautifully delicate white flowers! Fit for a bridal bouquet, if it wasn’t for the toxicity of its sap. This is the flower of Heracleum sphondylium, Hogweed. Roots, stems, leaves and flowers – all toxic and related to… Read More

Carbon footprint

Having booked my flights from Europe to Ushuaia in Argentina, from where my Antarctic adventure will start next year, it is time to look at my carbon footprint for this journey. A search on the internet provides me… Read More

You take care of what you love, don’t you?

For a change, something really positive here… We are the business of inspiring young people to be curious and ask questions, to get into nature and experience the small and big wonders of it, to make sense of… Read More

First Arrivals

  If epiphytes were people, we would call them clever strategists. I guess this holds true for any organism that manages to occupy a hostile corner, but I am fascinated by life forms that grow on toxic substrates. In this… Read More