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Costa Rican Monica Araya delivers a TED lecture on her country's path to a sustainable future in 2016.

…as important now as in 2016…

Among the winners of the first Earthshot Prize on 17 Oct 2021 is Costa Rica, and as I find out more about the back story, it turns out that this small island nation has been on its way… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Let’s say this is a grasshopper, which species I wouldn’t know. I heard and then saw it, and numerous more, in the flower meadows of a local nature reserve. This area used to be a farm and now… Read More

Outdoor Daily

A mighty beech tree. Shelter. Shade. And more than meets the eye. Its trunk populated by lichen and moss, habitat for invertebrates, food for insects and birds… Roots in symbiosis with microorganisms. Detritus feeders and bacteria converting leaf… Read More