Challenging Habitat Blog

Rewilding Britain

You could be forgiven to think that rewilding is all about providing habitat and reintroducing species long lost… Sometimes nature conservation and rewilding can be about removing something. Think about the ‘classics’ of ill-fated, intentional or otherwise, introductions… Read More

Darwin200 day 12: fair winds

My day started at 06:00 with a profile of the water column to check salinity, oxygen saturation, temperature and pH. After breakfast we commenced to be busy with Happy Hour, which means daily cleaning chores around the ship…. Read More

Darwin200 day 8: Rathlin Island

Busy day ashore and below water. Rohan and Kerry brought specimen from the kelp forest in the bay. What they explain to us makes me think that I missed a lot while snorkeling with Thomas today. Nudibranch and… Read More

Plants and Bacteria

I’ve been away for a week and returned to my newly established wildlife pond in anticipation of change. Before I left, the water was a green ‘soup’ rich in suspended algae, which received plenty of nutrients leaching from… Read More

Outdoor Daily

A mighty beech tree. Shelter. Shade. And more than meets the eye. Its trunk populated by lichen and moss, habitat for invertebrates, food for insects and birds… Roots in symbiosis with microorganisms. Detritus feeders and bacteria converting leaf… Read More