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A change is as good as a rest :)

Hello my friends, it is time to introduce my new venture to you. I have left the University of Plymouth to set up as a freelance science communicator and environmental educator. Based on over 20 years of experience… Read More

Sail Training and Ocean Science

A couple of years ago I got involved with the charity Seas Your Future and to incorporate elements of ocean science and citizen science into sail training on the tall ship Pelican of London. It is the UN… Read More


It’s lovely blackberry time in the Cornish hedges and it occurred to me: To get the sweetest fruit, you have to be patient, allow space and time to grow and ripen. Now and then you check and taste… Read More

Frosted Bluebell

Working from home during lockdown saves me and my carbon footprint a daily 1.5 h commute and I have more flexibility with when and how I start my day. Some mornings just beckon a walk along the river!… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

Feeling a little bedraggled in this wet winter lockdown? I did today… thought I needed to see people face to face, must get out of this valley for a different perspective, crave a glass of wine in the… Read More

Sights of Hebrides and Skye – Darwin200

The beauty of the Western Isles is captured here:

Darwin200 day 3: waiting for good conditions

Still in Liverpool, waiting for the weather conditions becoming more favourable tomorrow, we took the opportunity to analyse nutrients in the Mersey estuary. Of course, taking one sample at one time in a very dynamic environment will tell… Read More

Darwin200 Ocean Science sets sail out of Sutton Harbour

As we are passing Devil’s Point on our own boat Little Charly this morning, we see the Pelican of London winding its way out of Plymouth Sound. Light winds mean little chance for much sailing, but there is… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Seeds of a thisle ready to take off on an adventure into the unknown. hope – flexibility – optimism – acceptance – risk – appreciation – opportunity – resilience – smile! I’m ready to travel again, too!

Outdoor Daily

Back on Dartmoor! The expanse of valleys and tors, a distant glimmer of the sea. What a treat! An ancient stand of oak amidst boulders, moss and lichen. The call of a cockoo. Swathes, no, ‘fields’ of cotton… Read More

Outdoor Daily

The sea. It’s good to come back to the coast, see the sea, hear it, smell it and feel it. A refreshing swim, enjoying the gentle swell. Revitalised! Calm and content.

Outdoor Daily

It is such a gift being able to enjoy a tranquil paddle in the early morning. It is balance on the board and balance for the mind. The sound of nature. Reflections of clouds on the water. A… Read More