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TarmaConcrete Kent

Brexit is good for some industries: tarmac, concrete, and chemical toilets, for example. A 27 acre parking lot for up to 2000 lorries queueing up for customs clearing ahead of crossing the Channel to the European Union is… Read More

Outdoor Daily

As I enjoy a quiet walk in the English countryside among hedgerows Nature decorated with white, blue and red (pink, actually, but today, for symbolic purpose let’s call it red), my mind drifts, inevitably, to Victory in Europe… Read More

Fior di Mandorla

‘Almond blossom’ cookies belong to the collection of great European pastries (Lebkuchen and Tarta de Santiago are among my favourites, too) that are gluten free and utterly delicious. Based on almonds, they have Arab background, making them even… Read More

my BREXIT uncertainty

I arrived in the UK in 1993 from continental Europe. I have learned here and invested a lot of my life in this country. I love living here, especially because I thought to be among people who are… Read More