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It’s lovely blackberry time in the Cornish hedges and it occurred to me: To get the sweetest fruit, you have to be patient, allow space and time to grow and ripen. Now and then you check and taste… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

I see mushroom risotto for dinner! I’ll add a little saffron and the colour will be golden instead of ‘mud’.

Outdoor Daily

Foraging (be)for(e) breakfast! For a couple of weeks I’ve been eating handfuls of bird cherries during my dog’s early morning ramble. This morning I ‘rescued’ a large bowl full from the rot, inevitably brought on by days of… Read More

Hedgerow Food

I’ve got an old wrapper from a packet of herbs bought in the Kleinmarkthalle (an absolute Frankfurt institution!), sometime in the 1980s. At the time, I had recently moved to Frankfurt for work and discovered Grüne Soβe for… Read More