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Euonymus europaeus. The exotic fruit of the European spindle is the most attractive feature of this hedgerow plant, which is at its best now. I look out for it and marvel at the detail and their colours…vivid crimson… Read More


You’ll find lots of recipes for Rumtopf on the internet and I’m not quite sure why I am adding another one, other than to ‘spread the love’. Rumtopf is just another way of bottling the abundance of summer… Read More

Rote Grütze

Rote Grütze is a northern German summer pudding that my dad introduced me to when he lived in Bremen. It is usually served in a showy glass bowl with a layer of pouring cream infused with bourbon vanilla… Read More

Fruit-Meringue-Almond Tart

There is no English name for this recipe, which is a variation on my mum’s Johannisbeertorte, which means ‘redcurrent tart’. But it’s more than that, and it is really easy! You can use any sour summer fruit for… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Today’s walk in the Tamar Valley brought so many delights, it’s difficult to choose just one to write about. Post-Midsummer announced itself with an abundance of hazelnuts cradled in their sheaths, ready to ripen later. New wild flowers… Read More

Outdoor Daily

Transformation: giving up petals producing fruit growing and maturing and a different kind of beauty emerges.

Outdoor Daily

Last night’s rain, the first in four weeks, refreshed the Spring air and planted jewels on leaves and flowers. The quince buds in our orchard are about to open. It’s promising to be a good year!

Eiweiβkuchen – Egg White Cake

I often have egg whites left (my creme anglais is very popular) and this cake gets rid of 5 or 6 in one go. The other satisfying thing about this cake is its versatility: I throw in just… Read More