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It’s lovely blackberry time in the Cornish hedges and it occurred to me: To get the sweetest fruit, you have to be patient, allow space and time to grow and ripen. Now and then you check and taste… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

The low midday sun backlights mature fern leaves, revealing the pattern of their sori, clusters of sporangia (spore cases) on the underside of leaves. They seem ready to go! Check out the intriguing life cycle of ferns here:… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

Can you tell an oak from a chestnut, wild cherry from a beech or ash and a holly from a hazel, by just looking at the bark? How about the difference between young and mature trees? For some… Read More

Darwin200 day 22: through Scottish energy resources – oil, gas and wind!

The bright lights of oil and gas fields illuminated the horizon during the night’s sail, which was powered by the wind. Pelican’s headsails, spanker and three square sails were set to ensure optimal use of light winds. On… Read More