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Morning on the river

On the river before the rest of the household stirs. Reflections on a summer of sun and rain, new and old, labour and fruit, adventure and stability, whirlwind activity and calm. So many good things and experiences to… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

One year of lockdown in England. I feel grateful for my health and that of my family, however far away. I feel grateful for the beauty of nature around me. I feel grateful for all the amazing things… Read More

Outdoor Daily III

Last day of January and heavy rain. I’m walking my dog. What is there to enjoy? First, I’m moving, breathing, my senses function. Second, there is beauty in detail: texture, colour, form. Just look!

Outdoor Daily III

Fog in the valley presents nature in the somber mood befitting reflections on the human capacity for good and evil, ignorance and ingenuity, suffering and resilience on Holocaust Memorial Day and the day after the official covid-19 death… Read More

Outdoor Daily II

For me, ‘necessary travel’ was to the coast today. To experience the expanse of the sea and walk with a friend.

Outdoor Daily

12 weeks in lockdown and I’m looking for the silver lining… What are we learning? About the value of life? About the value of health and looking after mind, body and spirit? About the value of relationships and… Read More

Challenging Habitat

Let me take you to an excursion to the origin of this blog: I started writing about my thoughts on mining and its legacy in the UK and beyond. I wrote about the soils contaminated by metal mining… Read More

Outdoor Daily

This morning, I noticed the extravagance of the black walnut tree flowers in the early morning light. The Woodland Trust website informs me that the male (drooping) and female (red clusters) flowers appear in May-June in the UK…. Read More

Adults only! Ice Cream

A little indulgence goes a long way to lift your spirits and if a walk in the park and the delights of spring blossom and trees bursting into leaf is not enough to let go of the whirlwind… Read More

Sustainable Outdoor Clothing ?!?! continued

….for the back story, check out Sustainable Outdoor Clothing ?!?!… 2) Clothes that keep me warmWhen it comes to base- and mid-layers, I am for natural materials. Of course, there are functional tech-fibres that feature a range of desirable… Read More

Carbon footprint

Having booked my flights from Europe to Ushuaia in Argentina, from where my Antarctic adventure will start next year, it is time to look at my carbon footprint for this journey. A search on the internet provides me… Read More

Fior di Mandorla

‘Almond blossom’ cookies belong to the collection of great European pastries (Lebkuchen and Tarta de Santiago are among my favourites, too) that are gluten free and utterly delicious. Based on almonds, they have Arab background, making them even… Read More